On Saturday (April 21), an old interview featuring Russ blaming the state of hip-hop on producers began spreading on Twitter. Metro Boomin eventually caught wind of Russ' comments and shared a photo of himself holding a sign that read "Russ Is Whack."

Following Metro's tweets, some of hip-hop's biggest producers such as London on da Track and Cardo jumped in to defend their fellow beatmakers. "Lol Russ is a joke," tweeted Frank Dukes. "What he said might actually be offensive if he didn't make rap for people who are scared of rap."

Cardo also poked fun at Russ, writing, "Russ and those Walt Disney bars he be spitting can get the fuck on. U can tell he still puts pizza rolls in the microwave."

Other beatmakers like Bighead called out Russ for always voicing his "weak ass opinion." The producer tweeted, "But the corny fact about him always voicing his weak ass opinion, he has a negative corny 'know it all, I'm perfect but everyone else sucks and Hiphop is ruined' head ass, just shut the fuck up."

Following the backlash, Russ hoped on Twitter to address his comments. According to the rapper, the interview occurred in 2016, although it was posted on YouTube in January 2017. Russ says he "didn't 'diss the producer community,'" instead, he was just going after the "wack ones."

The "Sore Losers" rapper added, "You used to be able to tell who’s beat was who’s. Everyone had a real unique style and sound. All the shit be sounding the same now and that’s a fact. If the shoe fits, that’s on you."

In his original interview, Russ said that while people tend to blame rappers for the state of hip-hop, producers should be at fault because they're the ones creating the repetitive and similar sounding beats.

"People blame the rappers for the state of hip-hop, but rappers are not making the music. You gotta blame the producers," he said. "If a producer sends me a pack of 20 beats and they’re all wack and sound the same, I'm just fucked. I just have to pick the best of the worst. It’s not the rapper's fault."

Up next for Russ, the "Flip" artist will be hitting the road for the first leg of his I See You Tour. The trek kicks off on May 20 in Vancouver, British Columbia and runs through June 20, where he'll wrap up in Charlotte, N.C.

Check out Russ' latest comments, as well as what the producers had to say below.

See Metro Boomin, London on Da Track and More React to Russ Blaming the State of Hip-Hop on Producers

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