Netflix released their new series Luke Cage this past Friday (Sept. 30) giving the Jessica Jones character and his Harlem neighborhood their own spotlight. Cage, played by Mike Colter, has super strength and impenetrable skin, and the superhero series, more so than any before it, integrates hip-hop into every episode. Each episode is titled after a Gang Starr song and as seen above, Method Man even appears, spitting an original Luke Cage rap for a fictionalized Sway radio show.

There aren't really any spoilers in the rap, unless you consider the trope of a hero being falsely accused of a crime as one. Meth mostly raps about the way the community has embraced Cage, saying, "Look, dog, a hero, never had one/Already took Malcolm and Martin this is their last one/Beg your pardon somebody pulling a fast one/Now we got a hero for hire and he a black one/And bullet hole hoodies is the fashion/We in Harlem’s Paradise, tell the captain."

To blend some rap and comic book nerd worlds together, consider Meth's line "Lord, who to call when no one obeys the law/And there ain’t no Iron Man that can come and save us all?" The Marvel universe that Luke Cage takes place in is the same one that includes Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, otherwise known as Tony Stark, which is one of the many aliases of Meth's Wu-Tang brother Ghostface Killah.

Listen to "Bulletproof Love" up above.

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