The perception of artists can get lost in any bad press surrounding them. For XXXTentacion and associate Ski Mask The Slump God, fights and beef with other rappers have dominated the reasons for their names popping up in headlines recently. But today, we go back to the music with Members Only Vol. 3.

After XXXTentacion was released from jail and started performing live, he had his fanbase going wild when he tweeted the cover for the project. Then he and Ski Mask previewed the project back in April with four new songs featuring themselves along with Kin$oul and Killstation. Three of those songs appear on the final version of Members Only Vol. 3. The compilation project was presented by Brain Bakery Mag, a website based in South Florida.

The project is filled with a generous amount of blown out bass, explicit lyrics and verses that are shouted right into your ears. To ease you into the music, the first track features XXXTentacion singing as he did on the song "Looking For a Star" with Diplo. There are also songs throughout the project like "BUTTHOLE GIRL!," "777" and "Supra" that aren't as jarring. Florida favorite Robb Banks also makes an appearance on "4PEAT." Some may even find themselves being introduced to new artists like CoolieCut and Tank Head.

XXXTentacion was announced as one of the performers at this year's Steez Day Festival but he had to postpone all tour dates soon after since his cousin was shot and X wanted to be by his side.

You can listen to Members Only, Vol. 3 below.

Members Only Vol. 3 Tracklist

1. XXXTentacion - "Find Me (Intro)"
2. XXXTentacion - "Off the Wall!" Feat. Ski Mask The Slump God
3. XXXTentacion & Ski Mask The Slump God - "What in XXXTarnation" (prod. by Stain)
4. Craig Xen - "Wassup Vro!" (prod. by HighAF & Diablo)
5. Ski Mask The Slump God & XXXTentacion - "H2O" (prod. by KHAED)
6. XXXTentacion, Tank Head, Robb Banks & Craig Xen - "Butthole Girl!" (prod. by Natra Average)
7. XXXTentacion & Ski Mask The Slump God - "Static Shock (Interlude)"
8. Kid Trunks, XXXTentacion & Craig Xen - "Came2Kill"
9. XXXTentacion - "Boost!"
10. CoolieCut - "Chokehold"
11. Robb Banks - "4Peat" Feat. Ski Mask The Slump God
12. XXXTentacion - "Maxipads 4 Everyone!" (prod. by Stain)
13. XXXTentacion - "Slipknot" Feat. Kin$oul & Killstation (prod. by P. Soul)
14. Kid Trunks - "777" Feat. XXXTentacion
15. Kin$oul - "Supra" Feat. XXXTentacion
16. Bass Santana Feat. Kin$oul - "GodDamn" (prod. by Bass Santana)
17. Flyboy Tarantino - "Vulture" Feat. Kin$oul
18. Bass Santana - "Curse" Feat. XXXTentacion, CoolieCut & Kin$oul (prod. by Bass Santana)
19. Kin$oul - "Members Only Shit" Feat. Killstation & iKabod Veins (prod. by Bass Santana)
20. Bass Santana - "Lol" Feat. Kid Trunks & Flyboy Tarantino (prod. by Bass Santana)
21. Kid Trunks - "On That Bitch" Feat. Craig Xen, Robb Banks & Kin$oul
22. Kid Trunks - "Invisible Klip" Feat. Robb Banks & Ski Mask The Slump God

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