As a member of seminal rap group the Furious Five, Melle Mel shouldn't really have to take a backseat to anyone in the pantheon of rap legends. That may be true, but that doesn't really excuse some pretty reckless remarks the rapper made during an episode of Bravo's new TV series, First Family of Hip Hop.

In a clip from First Family of Hip Hop episode five, the Bronx rhymer throws a few shots at the hip-hop of today, and to the surprise of everyone else in the room with Mel, Jay Z and Eminem both come up. "Most of it's garbage," Mel said after someone suggested that he doesn't like today's rappers.

"These are just guys posing. Jay, all of them," Mel continues. At that very moment we see one of the other people in the room pause and ask for clarification: Is Mel talking about Jay Z, one of the most revered rappers ever? Yes, he is. "He's a White guy. Jay Z's a White guy. Jay Z's a White business man. He's a clown."

After Jay, Mel moved on to Eminem. When someone asks him how he feels about the Detroit rap legend, Mel simply says that Eminem is White, and when the person who asked the question tries to tell him that race doesn't have anything to do with rapping, Mel asks him how he would feel if he was White.

The other folks look like they've given up on trying to reach Mel, who moments later says he can beat Eminem in a rap battle. He's not the first person to do that. You can watch the clip of the conversation below.

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