To put it plainly, 2018 has been a year where women who rap have gotten plenty of love, in a game that hasn't shown them enough over time. Of the new school, Houston's own Megan Thee Stallion is one of the most-skilled, using both her close bond with her fans and pure lyrical talent to take her to the next level.

This year, she dropped her new EP, Tina Snow, did a few shows around the country and signed to 300 Entertainment, while turning into an even more popular personality on social media. Even with that kind of whirlwind few months, Megan found time in between all of that to spit a freestyle for XXL's What I Do series.

The early part of Megan's freestyle is littered with pop culture references. "I'm really ballin', you bitches 2K/Don't wanna link with these hoes, they too fake," she spits. "Stay in they feelings, stay in some business/Soap opera rappers, All of My Children."

Megan has been taking rap seriously since she was 14 but kept it a secret from her mom, who's also an MC. "I was definitely writing music then, but I just wasn't saying nothing about it," she admits. "I don't know why I was being so shy, I was definitely cussin', I ain't want momma to know I was cursin'." Her mom eventually let her rap how she wanted when she got older; the rest is history.

Check out her freestyle up top and let us know what you think of her skills.

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