Rap has always been driven by acts who have both talent and personality to spare. In the case of 2019 XXL Freshman Megan Thee Stallion, she's no slacker in either department. Taking hip-hop by storm over the last year, Meg has carved out her lane through strong music and a bubbly personality. Something like taking part in XXL's ABCs is hardly a challenge, where she plays a quick game of word association on the day of the Freshman cover shoot.

Meg, who delivered a strong XXL Freshman freestyle, starts off on a wild note with her first letter. "A is for ass," she says. "Because I got a lot of that," before ending her sentence with a smack. Some of her later word choices link directly to who she is, too.  She does this on back to back letters: "G is for get money because that's what I do. H is for hot girl because that's what the fuck I am!"

She also has plenty to say to anyone out there doubting her. For instance, for K, she picks "Karate 'cause I'll whoop you hoes' ass." Then for letter Q, she says the word quit "because that's what y'all bitches need to do, thinking that y'all better than me."

As she nears the end of the alphabet, her choices are positive. For U, she takes some time to thank her dedicated fan base, the Hotties, who have supported her throughout her journey. The letter V is for Valentine's Day, just one day before her birthday. She uses the occasion to ask for double the gifts, a fair ask.

For the rest of Megan Thee Stallion's ABCs, check out the video at the top of the post.

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