Meek Mill scores a big W. Back in March, the MMG rapper was charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly got into an altercation with an employee at St. Louis International Airport. Now, a little more than seven months later, TMZ reports his lawyers have gotten the case dropped.

Speaking with the outlet, Meek's attorney Joe Tacopina revealed that Meek was able to come to a deal with his prosecutors, and it was pretty straightforward. If Meek agreed to complete some community service, then his case would be dismissed. Meek completed his community service at Philadelphia's Veterans Association, so that's that.

This news arrives a couple of weeks after Meek Mill took a deal for his reckless driving charges in New York City. All he has to do is avoid any legal issues for six months, and that arrest will be wiped clean from his record. Sounds pretty legit.

All things considered, Meek Milly's been doing pretty well the last few months, and having these charges dropped just continues what's been a successful 2017. This past spring, he celebrated his 30th birthday in epic fashion by taking a trip to the Dominican Republic. He's dropped a couple of fire EP's this year, and his latest album, titled Wins & Losses, earned plenty of critical acclaim. Just as impressively, the rapper recently went viral after doing a front flip on camera.

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