While he has a legal team and plenty of fans and loved ones fighting for his freedom and justice on the outside, Meek Mill is fighting for a better environment for himself behind bars.

According to TMZ, the Philadelphia rapper is currently in solitary confinement while serving his two-to-four-year sentence, meaning that he is in a room by himself for 23 hours of the day, seven days a week. The outlet says that Meek wants to be transferred to general population amongst the rest of the prisoners, although prison officials have him in solitary in order to protect him because of his celebrity status.

Sources claim that Meek believes he will be fine in general population being that he is well respected in the streets, and has given back a lot since he rose to fame.

The Wins & Losses MC's legal team claims that Meek's psyche is at risk while being in solitary, and that it is inhibiting his creativity. Being that he must stay inside 23 hours of each day, he has been able to write music and exercise a fair amount.

TMZ also says that Meek's first commissary visit will be this Friday (Nov. 17), where he can purchase snacks and toiletries, and will also receive his first visitor next week.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Meek's legal team has officially filed an appeal for his release, as well as for him to come off of probation. There's also been a motion filed for the judge to remove herself from the rapper's case, as she is being investigated by the FBI.

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