Hours before being arrested for reckless endangerment last night (Aug. 17), Meek Mill took the stage on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to turn in a stirring performance of "Young Black America," one of the most poignant songs from his recently released Wins & Losses album. Check out Meek's performance, which features an appearance from The-Dream, below.

"Young Black America" finds Meek deconstructing the dimensions of young Black existence in America, rapping about growing up around felons, police brutality and the death of aspirations outside the stereotypes for the young Black male. So appropriately enough, the MMG rapper has a younger looking Black man sitting at a school desk, looking dejected as Meek spits his lyrics from the song.

"Mama she was tore up, sippin' on the Absolut/Young niggas brainwashed, they just wanna rap and hoop/Could've been a lawyer until they came and shackled you/Felons on your records so them jobs ain't getting back at you," Meek spits to The Tonight Show crowd. The performance ends with Dream popping up to sing the outro for the song and a loud applause from the audience. It was definitely well deserved.

Unfortunately for Meek, what should have been a solid night in New York City soon turned into a trip to jail. As we mentioned earlier, Meek was arrested for reckless endangerment after NYC police saw Instagram videos of the rapper popping wheelies on his motorcycle while riding through the 34th precinct without a helmet, thus, violating traffic laws and posing a danger.

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