Meek Mill shot the music video for "Check" back in the summer of 2015. The shoot led to drama when a man was pistol-whipped on the set. The video got put on the shelf, but that all changed this week as it's finally been released almost two years later.

The visual sees Meek and his crew doing whatever they can to get the money. All this pairs up with the Philly rapper's fiery delivery, which sees him rapping about the dough his team's accumulating.

"Look at these at all these young niggas flexing from the bottom/Jumping out them Raris, nigga do we have a problem/They say we ain't bout it, wonder why they never tried us/We flex on them bitches and be cutting on the robbers/Fucking up them 36's with 30 bitches/No love for them dirty niggas, we pouring liquor/The way we ball they know we richer/I feel like Richard/Porter on Paid in Full, get that G like 30 pictures," Meeks raps.

Much like this video, the news surrounding Meek has felt like a flashback. The Maybach Music Group artist's feud with Drake has reentered the conversation thanks to a new interview that Drizzy did. In a conversation with DJ Semtex, Drake spoke about his desire to get revenge in the feud with Meek.

"You know how good I am at writing music. But you really tried to spin the entire narrative of my career and end my life,” Drake said of Meek’s ghostwriting accusations. “And take food from my family and really try to like end it all. You didn’t even do it through music. You just talked or tweeted. That was like sickening to me. I had to really get revenge.”

Watch the music video for Meek's "Check" below.

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