Years ago, Ol' Dirty Bastard gave us the hard-hitting track "Brooklyn Zoo," from his solo debut album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. Today, we have the West Coast complement in visual form with MC Eiht's "Compton Zoo," off his upcoming album, Which Way Iz West.

The Jae Synth-directed video follows MC Eiht all throughout Compton, traversing the streets and posting up on the roof with his friends. It's a tribute to his city and a look into everyday life for the rapper, which matches his lyrics. Eiht describes how he chills with his lady and other daily activities in the CPT.

He also provides some advice that he picked up while living in his hometown: "If the shit get thick then roll your dice smarter." Although the video opens up intensely with sounds from a police radio and helicopter propellers, it smoothly transitions into a peaceful tour of Compton.

DJ Premier also makes a guest appearance on the turntables as he provides the original cuts and beat for the song. MC Eiht is seen rocking a Gang Starr hat in some shots from the video, paying homage to Premier's former group.

Which Way Iz West will be out June 30 and is executive produced by DJ Premier. The featured guests include WC, B-Real, Xzibit, Kurupt, Lady of Rage, MayLAy, Big Mike, The Outlawz, Bumpy Knuckles (AKA Freddie Foxxx) and Compton’s Most Wanted with production from Eiht’s longtime collaborator Brenk Sinatra.

You can pre-order MC Eiht’s Which Way Iz West here. If you pre-order it via iTunes, you'll receive “Represent Like This” and “Compton Zoo” instantly. Check out the tracklist below as well as watch the video for "Compton Zoo."

1. “Shut 'Em Down” featuring The Outlawz
2. “Represent Like This” featuring WC & DJ Premier
3. “Compton Zoo”
4. “Heart Cold” featuring Lady Of Rage
5. “Pass Me By” featuring B-Real
6. “Runn The Blocc” featuring MayLAy (produced by DJ Premier)
7. “Gangsta Gangsta” featuring Kurupt
8. “Got That”
9. “Medicate” featuring Xzibit
10. “Born To Hustle” featuring Big Mike
11. “Sittin' Around Smokin'”
12. “As I Proceed”
13. “Last Ones Left” featuring Compton’s Most Wanted & DJ Premier (produced by DJ Premier)
14.“4 Tha OG'z” featuring Bumpy Knuckles (Produced by DJ Premier)
15. “You Nia'z”

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