Houston's Maxo Kream released his latest mixtape The Persona Tape on Tuesday (June 28) and the project is included below to stream and/or download. At 13 tracks, the tape includes features from Paul Wall, Rich the Kid, Playboi Carti and KEY! and boasts production from the likes of Chuck Inglish and Wilderness. Previous offerings like "Spike Lee," "Big Worm" and "Out the Door" are all on the tape, which features various drugs and firearms on the cover in a rather organized display.

In a 2014 interview with XXL, Maxo detailed his love of sneakers and streetwear, saying that his goal in hip-hop is to keep the Houston rap scene alive and well, "to keep the “H” on the map and show people we aren’t falling off," he said.

Pour one up and peep the tracklist below with the mixtape provided a bit further down courtesy of Live Mixtapes.

1. “Choppas” (Prod. by Wilderness)
2. “Karo” (Prod. by Wilderness)
3. “Hit Mane” (Prod. by Pe$o Daddy)
4. “Big Worm” (Prod. by Ryan ESL)
5. “Smash” (Feat.. Paul Wall) [Prod. by Ryan ESL]
6. “G3” (Prod. by Tommy Kruise)
7. ”Comin Dine” (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
8. “Out the Front Door” (Feat.. KEY!) [Prod. by Wolfe de Mchls]
9. “Smoke Break” (Prod. by by Chuck Inglish)
10. “Talking Shit” (Feat. D Flowers) [Prod. by Wilderness]
11. “Shop” (Prod. by Ryan ESL)
12. “Spike Lee” (Feat. Playboi Carti and Rich The Kid) [Prod. by Chuck Inglish]
13. “None of Y’all” (Prod. by Slug Christ)

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