As the days, weeks and months pass, fans begin wanting more and more from Lil Uzi Vert, whose forthcoming project, LUV Is Rage 2, is still without a release date. We don't have any updates on that front, but Maxo Kream, who's a prospective 2017 XXL Freshman, previewed a collab with Uzi earlier today.

In a brief, but sweet, social media video, we hear the two artists going back-and-forth over a mellow sounding banger, with Uzi's knack for melody once again shining through. In the video itself, we see a shirtless Maxo bumping the unreleased track, seeming to feel it quite a bit. Can't say we blame him.

Maxo had a pretty big 2016, and he's clearly been doing a good bit more in 2017. When we last spoke with him back in January, he said he planned to go harder than ever in the future.

“#Maxo187 was a classic,” he told XXL when speaking of a past project. “It was all cool but I felt like, yeah, I’m a nigga that can rap, I’m just rapping, but now this is my life, I’m a rapper. I’m about to go full throttle into it. It’s more emotion, it’s more feeling, telling the story of Maxo that niggas don’t always get to see. Not just the guns and this and that but really paint the picture. I want to take all my fans on a walk with Maxo.”

It looks like that "walk with Maxo" could also be with Lil Uzi Vert. Peep the preview of their new song for yourself in the video below. Hopefully it's on Maxo's upcoming project.

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