Last night, the 2nd Annual Global Spin Awards was underway at the NY Times Center. The awards show serve as a platform to honor all the DJs and their contributions in the game. With familiar faces such as Pete Rock and DJ Premier, A-Trak and Kendrick Lamar coming out to show support, it was all love and respect for hip-hop’s pivotal tastemakers.

We had to sift through a thick crowd of people on the red carpet to get a few minutes with Marley Marl, but there was no way we’d leave the building without getting his opinions on receiving the Legendary DJ Award. Find out what he had to say below.

How does it feel to be honored with the Legendary DJ Award?
It feels great. I feel like it’s a long time coming, but it feels real great. I feel like once we start opening those doors, there’s going to be a lot of other artists and a lot of other people that’s gonna get that honor too. I just want to open the doors for the next person.

It’s the 2nd Annual Global Spin Awards. How important is this for hip-hop?
It’s very important. Big up to Shawn Prez and everybody that put it together. This is so needed for the DJs because you hear a lot of people say it, but it’s true. Without the DJ, a lot of this wouldn’t be what it is. A lot of props should go to the DJ.

Who are the DJs that you like right now?
Well, you know, I’m always on my radio game all the time. All the cats that always do all radio and keep the tradition of what we started. Me and Mr. Magic. A lot of people do the street mixtape thing. A lot of satellite things going on. I’m with traditional radio and the cats that keep that going. The Funk Flexs. I gotta give it up to the Mister Cees across the country. Even my boy Babu and them over on the West Coast. They do it. Even from West to East, just everybody that keeps the traditional radio game going, I just gotta give them props.

Trinidad Jame$ made a comment about Atlanta running New York hip-hop right now. Is it a true statement?
I feel like once it gets to the point where people start saying things like that. I mean, he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t think he could say it. And he wasn’t in the position to say it because there’s not a lot of creativity and a lot coming from New York right now. It’s just an opinion.