At a high profile concert like Jay Z and Beyonce's On The Run Tour its not unusual for a concert goer to lose something. In a crowd of that size losing a wallet or keys can almost be expected. One fan at Saturday night's Rose Bowl stop on the tour tested the skill set of the stadium's lost and found when he lost a chunk of his finger.

According to the Pasadena Police Department a fight between two men resulted in one of them biting off a piece of the other's finger tip during the show. It reportedly started when 25-year-old Roberto Alcaraz Garnica, of San Diego, groped a woman in the crowd. The young lady's escort got into an altercation with Garnica. In the ensuing battle, according to police, Garnica bit off a chunk of the young woman boyfriend's finger. Garnica was arrested and booked for mayhem with the possibility of other charges looming.

The bite victim was taken to the hospital to have his wound treated.

TMZ got the picture of the victim's finger. Click here to see it (warning: it's very gruesome and NSFW)