Earlier this week, 43-year-old Corey McClendon was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in the shooting that left Memphis rapper Young Dolph hospitalized in Hollywood. But today (Sept. 29), Greg Risling, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, said McClendon had been released by police earlier Friday after prosecutors asked for "further investigation." Risling didn't say what kind of investigation was being sought, according to USA Today.

"Under California law, if you are arrested and booked and no charges are filed within 48 hours, you have to be released," said Risling. He also said police had to gather more evidence, "come back to us with a case and then [the district attorney] will decide whether to file charges."

McClendon was held for 48 hours on $1 million bond as a suspect in the shooting of Dolph in the valet parking area of a Loews Hotel. He is an affiliate of Yo Gotti, the fellow Memphis rapper who's had public issues with Dolph for years now. Gotti was initially reported to be a person of interest, but the LAPD later denied that.

Police said Dolph got into an argument with three men outside the Loews Hotel when one of them knocked him down and shot him multiple times with a handgun. The three men reportedly fled, with one taking off in a golden Cadillac Escalade before ditching it nearby. Police are still looking for two more suspects.

After managing to drag himself into a Shoe Palace nearby, Dolph was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. He is now said to be in stable condition.

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