Any rap fan will tell you that Future is on an unprecedented run right now and it's all thanks to two back-to-back No. 1 albums, FUTURE and HNDRXX. ATL's melodic maven scored his fourth and fifth consecutive No. 1 albums late last month by dropping the two fully-loaded projects within a week of one another. By doing this, Future became the first artist since 1968 to ever supersede himself at the No. 1 spot, and the first solo artist to ever lay claim to the achievement.

HNDRXX, the more R&B-heavy album of the pair, features guest vocals from The Weeknd and Rihanna. The Rihanna collab "Selfish," currently climbing the Billboard charts, is at No. 7 on iTunes and has summer banger written all over it. So if you're still vibing out and faux trappin' out to the rapper's platinum-selling HNDRXX album, you have Major Seven to partially thank. The 25-year-old Atlanta producer best known for co-producing the Rick Ross and Jay Z collabo "The Devil Is a Lie" back in 2013, secured three placements on Future's new album, crafting beats for "Neva Missa Lost," "Fresh Air" and "Selfish."

XXL caught up with the to beatsmith recently to discuss working with the Super Trapper, the record-breaking success of HNDRXX and unknowingly scoring his first RiRi feature. Check out Major Seven's Studio Session below.

XXL: How did you first meet future and link up with Future? How did you guys start working together?

Major Seven: Well, basically, the first few times I met Future was through my manager Dizzy because he also manages Zoey Dollaz and Zoey Dollaz is with Freebandz. I met future a couple times, but he didn’t really know who I was like that. But then I met the songwriter Detail. He brought me into the studio and gave us a former introduction.

When was the official introduction?

That was actually just a couple months ago. That was the first time we got together in the studio.

And how did you end up working together on the song “Selfish”?

Well, even further back, the way I got connected to Detail was through my boy Solo Lucci. So he went to L.A. to work with detail and he played him some of my stuff, and soon as he heard my beats, he brought me out there immediately. So Solo and Detail was really the ones who was keeping me under their wings, showed me a lot of love and embracing my music. He really believed in my work, so he introduced me to Future and every since then we been working.

What was your specific involvement in putting the song together? Did you make the track? Did you help with the songwriting?

I worked on the track. Specifically for “Selfish,” there’s basically a couple producers I work with on a consistent basis and they’re all upcoming producers and they’re really talented. One of those producers is my boy Mantra from Vegas. Ever since I heard his stuff, I was just like, "Keep sending me ideas." So that record actually came off one of his ideas that he sent me so I worked on it, I shot it over to Detail. Then Detail was like, "Send me stems."

That’s kind of how that came together. I had no idea it was going to be a Rihanna feature so when I found out, it blew my mind. But yeah, the idea came from Mantra and then I kinda enhanced the production and built the drums up. I’m really good at arranging and playing with drums and just taking idas to the next level. And Mantra got some crazy ideas, so definitely look out for Mantra.

Are you two working as a duo now?

Not necessarily a duo but I always consider him when I have opportunities. We definitely consider each other teammates. We'll definitely work together again.

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