Reports of a joint album between Travis Scott and Quavo have fans on the edges of their seats, but now we finally may be getting a real preview of what we can expect. Major Lazer performed a set at Alabama's Hangout Fest over the weekend, where they previewed a new track that features the Houston rapper, the Migos member, and Camila Cabello. Watch the clip below.

The electronic music trio started playing a preview of the new record, which is reportedly titled "Know No Better," stating that it was a "Major Lazer, Travis Scott" collaboration. As the song introduces some piano keys, it soon picks up pace with some harmonic vocals from the "Goosebumps" entertainer. Cabello's vocals can also be heard following Travis' inclusion on the song before it transitions into a horn-infused beat drop. While the fan video doesn't incorporate Quavo's verse on the track, an official ASCAP repertory entry revealed that he is a feature on the record. Hip-hop's secret songwriting weapon Starrah also has a credit on the song.

Just last week, Scott revealed to GQ that his collaboration album with the Migos superstar is on the way, but is slated to be more of a surprise for fans. He didn't give away any details on the project, such as the title, but we can prepare for its release in the near future.

Watch the performance from Major Lazer below where they can be heard previewing the new collaboration track featuring Travis Scott, Quavo and Camila Cabello.

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