The OVO Sound vibe is strong in the new visual for "One I Want," a PartyNextDoor-assisted Majid Jordan track with plenty of replay value. Check it out below.

The new video finds Majid Jordan and Party roaming the halls of a mysterious mansion, with luminously colorful lights coloring the walls the whole way through. Throughout the vid, PND and the two singers comprising Majid Jordan find themselves looking into different rooms filled with beautiful women.

On the hook for the track, PND lets you know he's searched far and wide for a stripper who strikes his fancy. “Hunnid and fifty bands later, you the one I want/Two hunnid bands, baby, you the one I want/I got it now, yeah, yeah, I got it now/I prayed for fifties, but now I throw hunnids now,” sings Party, who dropped off his Colours 2 EP last month.

By the end of the Adrian Martinez-directed vid, we see Majid Jordan and PND walking down a mysterious looking hallway toward a door with a blinding light bursting through. When they make their way through the door, they find themselves surrounded by a mist, apparently belonging to another realm of existence. This vid feels almost like a less scary, but similarly eerie, technicolor version of The Shining, and we definitely dig it.

Check out the new visual for "One I Want" below.

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