Just a few short days after dropping his Gemini album, Macklemore and Kesha pulled up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform the Washington rapper's new single, "Good Old Days."

"Good Old Days" is a track that finds Macklemore and Kesha getting nostalgic as the reflect on the days they wish they appreciated a bit more. For his part, Macklemore spits about his past with alcoholism and the days he dreamed of being a star. In what was probably a move to simulate the feeling of looking up at the stars, the two artists performed against the backdrop of a black wall mimicking a starry night.

“Wish I didn’t think I had the answers/Wish I didn’t drink all of that glass first/Wish I made it to homecoming/Got up the courage to ask her/Wish I would’ve gotten out of my shell/Wish I put the bottle back on that shelf/Wish I wouldn’t have to worry about what other people thought/And felt comfortable in myself,” Macklemore spit to The Ellen Show crowd.

After performing, Macklemore and Kesha embrace and the audience lets off a pretty enthusiastic round of applause. It looks like show host Ellen DeGeneres gave her audience free copies of Gemini, too.

The singles for Gemini had been almost entirely upbeat before the release of "Good Old Days," but the track fits right in with the emotional, introspective tracks the rapper's done in the past. It fits in nicely with his new album, too.

Watch Macklemore and Kesha perform their sentimental track on The Ellen Show below.

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