Monday Night Raw last night (June 15), where he was the guest star of the night. In the clips above and below, MGK is seen chopping it up on stage with Kevin Owens, who doesn't seem to be in the mood to be nice. Kelly extends his hand for a dap, after which Owens rejects it and things quickly escalate. Why MGK thought he could take on Owens is beyond reasoning. After trying his luck and pushing Owens, MGK goes on one hell of a ride as he gets powerbombed off stage. It must of been a pretty tough hit, because the Cleveland native sure looked messed up. The entire thing is just awesome.

Before MGK got destroyed, he performed “A Little More” for the crowd. The former XXL Freshman has been in the news lately because of his new relationship with Amber Rose. What's ironic is that Wiz Khalifa—Amber's ex-husband—also performed and wrestled on Raw in MArch. While on Hot 97 last month the low-key MC discussed how he was struggling with the fact that he is linked to someone who thrives in the spotlight.

“Everything was completely natural, it wasn’t anything expected or planned or anything like that,” started the Ohio native. “When the universe throws something your way, I’m one of those people that goes with it. I don’t fight it and I had no idea what came with that and it’d be a lie if I didn’t say it’s a struggle everyday to cope with like…One of the most anti-spotlight people ever and one of the most in the spotlight people ever…It makes you rethink this whole fame thing again.”