Eminem responded to Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil," returning smoke with his reply, "Killshot," on Friday (Sept. 14). The scathing song had the internet talking but MGK is not outwardly impressed.

On Friday night, he reacted to Shady's bars, downplaying their potency. "2 weeks and 3 interviews later," he tweeted, adding emojis of a toilet and a man tossing something into the trash. "#legshot #letstalkaboutit."

Kelly is taking advantage of all this publicity and announced he is prepping the release of a new EP titled Binge, where he will more than likely push the issue. It will drop on Sept. 21.

After initially dissing Kelly on the Kamikaze track "Not Alike," which drew return fire from the Cleveland rapper, Em first said he wouldn't immediately jump into a back and forth with Kelly. A couple days later we got "Killshot," which finds the Detroit rap vet attempting to belittle the Bad Boy rapper. "Stan, stan, son, listen, man, dad isn't mad/But how you gonna name yourself after a damn gun and have a man bun?" Eminem raps.

Em appeared to open another can of worms with his diss. Jay Electronica was not feeling one line in particular where Em jokes about Diddy putting out the hit on 2Pac. "@eminem, how dare you accuse diddy of killing tupac while you completely look pass jimmy iovine and those who profited from his death the MOST," Jay Elec tweeted. "You best tread carefully Son, before i come tear your ivory tower down like Sulaiman done the Templar Knights. #ripProof."

Check out MGK's reaction to Eminem's "Killshot" diss below.

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