Lupe Fiasco isn't itching to be a featured artist on anyone's song anytime soon. In fact, the rap vet was never open to the idea of hopping on features to begin with.

Late Monday afternoon (July 2), the "Superstar" rapper was prodded by fans on Twitter to reveal why he had not contributed to Nas' latest Kanye-produced effort NasirNot one to ever hold his tongue, Lupe explained that he will never be heard "on a track with another rapper ever again."

"I don’t like doing features and I’ve done all the features I wanted to do it’s done, it’s done, it’s done," he tweeted in response to a fan.

However, Lupe's preference is no knock to Nas. The lyricist simply isn't a fan of doing guest appearances on other artists' singles. According to Lupe, he even wasn't open to the idea of appearing on Kanye’s “Touch the Sky” off of 2005's Late Registration. "I didn’t want to do touch the Sky business partner chill talked me into it...superfacts...," he explained via Twitter.

The conversation eventually developed into a series of tweets in which Lupe began listing who he considers to be the greatest rapper alive. Among his short list of gifted MCs were the likes of Jay-Z, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Black Star, Jay Electronica, AZ and more.

Peep the candid exchange between Lupe and his fans below.

Lupe Fiasco Tells Fans He Doesn't Want to Do Features

Lupe Fiasco Tells Fans He Doesn't Want to Do Features

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