Back in December of 2015, Lupe Fiasco announced his plans to drop three albums in 2016, but that number is looking closer to zero as the rapper took to Twitter on Sunday (Oct. 16) to explain the hold-up.

"It’s a strong chance you wont get any new Lupe albums this year. Sorry y’all," he wrote. "I tried 2 make it happen but best laid plans make a mess made. Drogas Light and Drogas are fully recorded & sitting but clearances and mixing issues for Drogas are pushing us beyond realistic deadlines now. So I’ll take these L’s like a champ and keep moving. Again so sorry to let you folks down…just to clarify tho the albums have been done for months. It’s the red tape & details now. The shit I hate…."

Lupe last released Tetsuo & Youth in January of 2015. Back in late August, Lupe dropped the video for his single "Pick Up the Phone," what is presumably a track on one of his forthcoming albums. In April, Lupe offered a first glimpse at Drogas with "Introductions," a snippet posted to Instagram. “Where do we begin to tell the story?” the video captures Lupe saying, “It’s a deep story. It’s going to take some time. We’ll get it right, though. Drogas.”

It will require a bit more time however, as Lupe offers an update below.

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