Back in December, Lupe Fiasco told fans that he intends to drop three albums in 2016, but with a quarter of the year through, the first of those three has yet to materialize. "Attention Lupe Fans: 3 full album releases in 2016: #Drogas is up first. Not taking any questions at this time. Thank you." he wrote on Twitter at the time. Taking to Instagram Tuesday night (April 12) though, Lupe may have given fans the first glimpse of what Drogas will sound like or be.

"Where do we begin to tell the story?" the above video captures Lupe saying, a track from the Chicago rapper playing in the background. "It’s a deep story. It’s going to take some time. We’ll get it right, though. Drogas." The video itself is a still image with the words "Drogas: The Story of an Album" and "Introductions" written overtop. It's a fairly cryptic message from Lupe that at the very least suggests some sort of rollout for Drogas, conventional or otherwise, is about to begin. To that end, the image used doesn't even appear to be the official album art, which Lupe released in February and is included below.

In December, around the time he announced his idea to release the trio of albums, Lupe also revealed that Drogas will contain "Mural Jr." the follow-up to the lyrical masterwork "Mural" off Lupe's 2015 album Tetsuo & Youth. Watch Lupe's Instagram video up top with his previous Drogas social postings below.

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