Lupe Fiasco is a man of many talents. Yesterday (Oct. 15), when asked on Twitter whether or not he would consider a comic book featuring the LongChains mythology, he had a very straightforward reply.

"I’m writing a screenplay about it now," replied Lupe. Not many details were given after he confirmed the screenplay, other than it being in the writing stages. For those unfamiliar with the concept, his recent album Drogas Wave told the story of the LongChains, a group of African slaves that are thrown from their slave ship and live underwater, determined to fight for their fellow oppressed people.

Lupe explained the concept further on Reddit before the album dropped.Drogas Wave is based on a story about a group of slaves that jumped off of a slave ship transporting them from Africa,” he noted. “The slaves did not drown, and instead somehow managed to live under the sea. They spent the rest of their underwater existence sinking slave ships. ‘Drogas’ is the Spanish word for drugs. I made it an acronym which stands for ‘Don’t Ruin Us God Said.’”

The Chi-Town artist dropped the album back on Sept. 21, which featured guest appearances from Damian Marley, Nikki Jean, Crystal Torres and more. Soundtrakk, Cardiak, DJ Dahi, Rosy Timms, S1 and others helped with the production.

Check out Lupe Fiasco's tweet regarding the screenplay below.

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