Lupe Fiasco takes fans back to his Drogas Light album to provide some visuals for the Gizzle-assisted “Jump.” The video is surprisingly straightforward as Lupe and Gizzle’s interstellar tale plays out strictly in their rhymes

“Now where the bitches, get them intergalactic asses to clapping/Break down some of that candy and roll it up in a wrapper/For a rapper, nah, I could never go back to trapping/And who needs Atlanta when you're on Saturn getting a lap dance/With a lit match in your left hand and your right hand is a gas can/And at any given moment, I could burn this shit up/Why you standing there just looking, nigga, turn that shit up/Hop in some of this alien pussy, let me know how it work/I'm just saying, I'm gon' be there and I ain't in no rush," Gizzle raps.

While there are no alien sightings in the video, the two MCs do a good job of painting the picture with their bars.

“Aye, I thought you couldn't rap, when'd you learn how to do that/Then what you need me for if you already know how to flow/Aye, fuck that, we gotta go, wouldn't even be in this hoe/If you told me from the jump we wouldn't be on this UFO/But I think that I can fly us, stole a key so I can try it/Never thought that I would ever be a flyin' saucer pilot/But first thing's gon' be first, when we get back to that earth/I'ma go back to them raps and you can go back to that work, nigga,” Lupe raps on the closing verse.

Watch Lupe Fiasco’s “Jump” video featuring Gizzle below and check out XXL's review of Drogas Light here.

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