Just when it seemed like Lupe Fiasco and Pete Rock had reconciled their differences, things have taken another sour turn.

On Monday (May 21) Rock condemned Lupe’s new single, “Around My Way,” a flip of Pete and CL Smooth’s classic “T.R.O.Y.” Wednesday (May 23), the legendary producer tweeted that they resolved their issues and now had plans to collaborate. But according to the conversation Lupe had with Sway Calloway this morning (May 24), that’s not completely true.

“That’s foul!” exclaimed Lupe on Sway’s Sway in The Morning Shade 45 radio program, referring to Pete’s twitter comment, which apparently riled matters instead of settling them.

“It was supposed to have been settled, but instead of him doing what he’s supposed to do, he comes and puts out this weak, half-ass statement,” added the Chi-town MC.

Lu is referring to Pete’s tweet yesterday:

"I just got off da phone with lupe, we worked out our difference and we bout to get it in," tweeted Pete, before revealing that he and Lu have plans to collaborate. "Gonna be epic and we gonna give Troy and hey the proper respect they deserve and make history."

Apparently, Lupe doesn’t remember the conversation going quite like that. “He didn’t mention any of the stuff he was supposed to recant,” said Lupe. “At least try to put back some of the credibility in me. Got us looking like liars and cheaters and shit like that.”

According to Lupe, their phone conversation wasn’t as peachy as Pete’s tweet suggested. “When we finally get on the phone, we didn’t have a (nice) conversation,” Lupe said. “We wasn’t on the phone like, ‘We love you Pete at the end of the day.’ I was hot! My crew was hot. The people who put it together was hot. He wasn’t just on the phone with me, he was on the phone with six people. Like, Pete what’s wrong with you? Goin’ in on us like that? We trying to pay homage to you.”

Lupe and company were expecting Pete to recant his statements publically after apologizing in private. “He was supposed to say the same shit he said on the phone,” said Lupe during the 10-minute interview with Sway. “‘My badd, that was wack, it was fucked up for me to say that, it was disrespectful, I was 100% in the wrong, I apologize.’”

But Lu says that Pete wasn’t excited about going back on his word publically. “He said, ‘Man you know if I recant right now I’m gon’ look crazy,’” said Lupe about their conversation. “I was like, ‘You God damn right you gon’ look crazy. You got Lu out here looking crazy.’”

Lupe also added that Pete had misled the public about his knowledge of the record before its release. “Man, we reached out to Pete in November,” said Lupe. “My team, it was my partner Chilly’s idea, he wanted to go back, take an iconic hip-hop record, flip it, breathe some life into it and bring it back into the new school.”

Lupe initially planned to rap over Pete’s original version of the beat, but the plan was derailed in the clearance process. “We sent it to go get cleared, Warner Chappell tells us, ‘You can’t clear that— It’s unclearable. There are portions of that song that have never been cleared before, ever. You have to remake it.’” That’s when Lupe enlisted producers SimonSayz and B-Sidet to remake “T.R.O.Y.”

But when Pete tweeted negative comments about the remake, which is the lead single from Lupe’s upcoming Food & Liquor II, it became clear the two camps weren’t on the same page. “The whole time, we being told from Pete Rock that we got his blessing to rock with it,” said Lupe, who admitted that yesterday was indeed the first time the two spoke about the record directly. “He’s been talked to (people) from my team for the past six months,” clarified the MC.

Lupe went on to tell Sway that although the business side of the matter was resolved, he still has personal issues with how Pete handled the situation.

“I don’t know how to respect that,” said Lupe of Pete’s actions. “Part of me come from the street, straight from the street. Part of me don’t know how to respect that— when somebody say that they gon’ do something and they don’t do it… We supposed to be in this same one big happy family and you send me out to the wolves. How am I supposed to feel about that?”

He told Sway that his single still has the full support of his label. “We still going with the record— shout out to Atlantic Records who hold me down,” said Lu of his label. “They were even baffled like, ‘What is Pete Rock talking about?’”

Pete Rock declined to comment when contacted by XXLmag.com.—Calvin Stovall (@CalvinStovall)

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