Lud Foe is back on the scene with "Yea Yea," an Auto-tune-powered adrenaline rush of a song. Listen to the new banger for yourself in the video above.

"Yea Yea" is the audio equivalent of one endlessly steep drop on an especially loud roller coaster at Six Flags. Lud Foe doesn't rap so much as he chants over the animated Kid Wonder instrumental. On the track, the Chi-town MC doesn't veer from his typical subject matter about selling dope, and you really shouldn't want him to.

He spits at a rapid pace over the energetic beat, but he doesn't seem to care too much about anything he's speaking on. He's going to get the girls and he's going to get the money, and if you end up on "your stomach with your ass out," then so be it.

Foe's use of Auto-tune on this song isn't unlike plenty of other street rappers these days, but he insists that he's got his own vibe. “I got my own sound,” Foe explained when XXL caught up with him a while back. “[What makes me different is] my name, just me and my personality, I got my own swag; I talk different from everybody else. There’s a big difference.”

In the same interview, Foe promised that he'd have some new music coming soon. “I got No Hooks 2 and Boochie Gang the Mixtape coming,” he adds. “Boochie Gang started because of my uncle. He passed away. I made Boochie Gang after he passed away. His name was Boochie.”

Foe premiered his first No Hooks 2 track “Fvcked Up” exclusively through XXL just a few weeks ago. You can check that out here.

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