In this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop tempers flare over management duties, guest lists, and studio sessions, but before getting bombarded with all of the drama, we get an update on the state of Peter Gunz and Amina's relationship.

In the aftermath of her abortion, Amina admits that despite all of his shortcomings, she is happy with her relationship with Peter and has decided to continue to fight for his love. Peter says he wants to continue moving toward a more stable relationship and marriage, but little does he know that those plans will be easier said than done considering the looming news of Tara's pregnancy.

Peter meets up with Tara, who informs Peter of her visit to the doctor and that she's 18 weeks pregnant -- news that knocks Peter in the chest and leaves him in shock. Peter says he has to tell Amina and that's his concern, because he didn't hold back on Amina's abortion and feels that she'll be resentful of Tara being pregnant. Tara becomes emotional and wants Peter to own the mess he has made. The rapper begins to feel ashamed of his actions and views himself as a failure as a man. He's tired of hurting the people he loves and plans to right his wrongs.

Sexxy Lexxy is still upset at Rah Ali for choosing Mariah Lynn to perform at her maxi dress launch party instead of her. She decides to meet up with Moe to clear her mind. Moe thinks Rah has turned Lexxy against her, while Lexxy contends that it was Moe's attitude that was the reason for their split. Lexxy informs Moe that Rah is working with Mariah Lynn, which comes as a pleasant surprise to Moe, given her own rocky dealings with Rah. Moe informs Lexxy that she's joined forces with Yandy and that things are looking up for her career as a result. Lexxy feels she's getting the short end of the stick for being nice and always attempting to work things out while Moe gets rewarded for doing the opposite.

Lexxy suggests that her and Moe perform together at DJ Self's showcase, but Moe brushes her off and isn't interested in sharing her newfound connects with her former partner in rhyme. Lexxy meets with Rah to discuss her unhappiness with Mariah performing at the runway show considering she was a model instead of a performer. She also informs her that Moe is working with Yandy, which doesn't sit well with Rah in light of her subtle rivalry with Yandy.

Rah Ali admits that she mishandled the Mariah performance, but has made up for it by setting up a studio session with a star artist as a surprise for Lexxy. The surprise artist turns out to be French Montana, who Rah brings to the studio session to hear Sexxy Lexxy play her track and see her perform the song live on the spot. French doesn't seem to think the song is the right fit, but agrees to keep listening to it. He seems open to working with Lexxy, which is pleasant news to her and seems to have quieted her concerns about Rah's effectiveness as a manager.

Cardi B invites Mariah Lynn and Bianca to hang out and the two find a common interest in their disdain for BBOD. Mariah says she's not worried about Lexxy, but that there will be an altercation whenever her and Moe run into each other. DJ Self, Rich Dollaz and Papoose also meet up for a game of pool and discuss the current happenings in their lives. DJ Self asks for advice about his situation with Yorma and Rose, with Rich suggesting that Self should do right by Yorma if he loves her. Pap admits feeling apprehensive about their being tension at their wedding being that his mother and others don't support Remy as much as he did during her prison term and hopes to resolve the matter sooner than later.

Papoose and Remy meet with Pap's mom to talk about the wedding. Pap's mom notes his depression during her time in jail and that Remy's prison sentence affected him mentally and emotionally as well. Remy informs Papoose's mother that she feels hurt that Papoose's mother never came to see her during her time in jail. The rapper feels she dislikes her. His mother says that Remy must've gotten the wrong impression and taken her letters the wrong way and that she has nothing against her.

Remy apologizes for being standoffish in the wake of her release and both sides settle their differences. The MC also notes how her relationship with her mother has contributed to how she lives her life and her need for undying loyalty. Pap's mother suggests Remy should confront her issue with her mother head on and move on with her life without that baggage weighing her down, making for the first of what looks to be many heart to heart conversations between the two.

Moe is in the studio working hard on new material, which impresses Yandy, whose come to check her out and touch base on the new party track she sent to her. The studio session is going swell, until they get some unexpected guests: Cardi B and Bianca. Bianca is immediately upset that Moe is at the studio and rapping over a beat that was meant for her. Bianca confronts Yandy about working with Moe, which sends Yandy for a loop being that she's the manager and Bianca came to her for her services.

Bianca begins to pop off at Moe and seems to be jealous of Yandy's new partnership. Bianca and Moe continue to jaw at each other in a confrontational manner until Bianca throws a drink at her and all chaos ensues, ending this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop on a turbulent note.

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