Tensions were on high at the tail-end of last week's episode of Love & Hip-Hop, but now there's positive news this week -- at least for Bianca.

She nabs first place in the Gwinin Fest XL competition, which leaves the feisty Harlemite more than elated, but BBOD is clearly upset. Mariah Lynn is disappointed she didn't win, however, she's happy for Bianca's victory and that the grand prize did not leave the building with Moe and Sexxy Lexxxy.

Bianca is still basking in her victory at Gwinin Fest XL and hits the studio with producer Amadeus, who laces Bianca with a beat as part of her grand prize package. Mariah Lynn and Cardi B meet up with Bianca to have a little girl talk and spill the tea. Cardi B points out the fact that Moe fought Mariah, but seemed to be scared of Bianca and writes her off as a coward and a snitch.

Cardi also voices her complaints about her incarcerated boyfriend's controlling ways and says she's contemplating a return to stripping. Mariah's mother is almost due to give birth to her child and the situation is weighing down on her daughter, who worries that it will have an adverse affect on her impending rap career.

BBOD may not have taken first place at Gwinin Fest, but they've hit the ground running after their reunion, filming a music video, directed by Treach of Naughty by Nature. The two also discuss their management situation. They can't have two separate managers for the group. Rah's actions at Gwinin Fest XL is ironic given her critiques of Moe, casting a shadow on the future of their business relationship.

Cardi meets up with a few of her friends and runs into DJ Self. She airs out her grievances about Self's lack of support in comparison to his help with Mariah Lynn and BBOD and feels a type of way. Self feels that Cardi hasn't earned the same respect as BBOD and Mariah as artists and that she has to pay her dues to get his assistance in her career. Exasperated, Cardi decides that if she wants to blow up as a rapper that she has to take matters into her own hands and walks out on Self, but not before taking a few jabs at BBOD in the process.

After meeting with his daughter during the previous episode of Love & Hip Hop, Peter Gunz feels that he has to man up and has decided to follow her wishes and get a vasectomy. Peter shows up to Tara's doctor appointment and joins her to find out the sex of the baby, which turns out to be a boy. Tara appreciates Peter being there, but wants to set boundaries in their relationship moving forward. Peter informs Tara of his decision to get a vasectomy, but notes that he hasn't told Amina. However, he hopes that this move shows Tara he is indeed a changed man after all.

Tara goes to dinner with Yandy to discuss her pregnancy and she reveals that the father of the baby is Peter. Yandy says that she's shocked knowing that Peter is a married man, but Tara owns her decision and intends to move forward with no regrets. Yandy seems disappointed that Tara would fall back in Peter's clutches and says that she has to make the best decision for herself and let Peter go out of her life.

Papoose and Remy Ma sit down to discuss their forthcoming wedding, among other things. Remy opens up about what went down at Gwinin Fest XL, including the fight between Rah Ali and Yandy's friend, which upsets Papoose. He says his wife's association with Rah could cause trouble for her down the line. Papoose doesn't want Remy to go down the wrong path and end up in a situation similar to the one that landed her in jail. Remy thinks Papoose is being unfair to Rah and feels he's blowing the situation out of proportion. She believes he still harbors feelings of his own about her incarceration that he's had yet to reconcile.

On the flipside, Rah then chills with Remy to square away what happened at the performance. Rah says that the situation had boiled over and she apologizes for her actions and putting Remy in any danger. However, she thinks Yandy was lying when she said she knew nothing about her friend and Rah's bad blood. Remy lets Rah know how Papoose feels about her being put in danger and that he wants no drama surrounding his wife. Rah maintains that the altercation was just a blip on the radar, but warns Remy to keep Yandy at bay to keep the peace.

Yandy runs into Remy for the first time since Gwinin Fest XL and confides in her about Mendeecees' impending prison sentence. Remy sees that Yandy is handling the news well publicly, but is pained inside and has a lot on her plate. Despite her dire situation, Yandy suggests throwing a bachelorette party for Remy and filming a special video for Papoose to spice up their wedding day. Remy brings up Yandy and Rah's beef and that the latter thinks that Yandy intentionally brought the girl to Gwinin Fest XL knowing her and Rah's beef. Yandy denies the claim and promises that there will be no more bad blood between the two moving forward.

The night of Remy's bachelorette party arrives and she is dressed to the nines and enjoying being the woman of honor. Rah is not impressed by Yandy's party, but decides to put her differences aside for Remy's sake. Yandy notices the tense vibe and decides to get Rah one-on-one to voice her concerns. Rah maintains her belief that Yandy was aware of the beef, while Yandy responds by saying that Rah hasn't influenced any of her decisions and that she has no bad blood with Rah.

Rah feels Yandy's intentions aren't as pure as she presents them to be and contends that her own argument with Remy was the catalyst of Yandy and Remy's friendship and that it's a ploy to maintain her own relevance. The two continue to disagree, but decide to bury the hatchet for the night and get back to partying with Remy and the rest of the ladies.

As for Mendeecees, he gets sentenced to eight years and says that he's relieved, but knows that it will be a trying time for him and his family. Mendeecees hates that Yandy is crying, but wants her to be strong for the children. The uncertainty of the situation and not knowing where Mendeecees will be incarcerated and how often they'll be able to see each other is taking a toll on Yandy, but she manages to keep her composure. Mendeecees also wants all of his children to maintain their close relationships and wants Yandy to meet up with his other mother's children to iron out their differences and get on the same page for the kids.

Mendeecees rounds up Yandy and his other children's mother for dinner and to discuss their game plan for the kids during his incarceration. The women maintain that all will go smoothly before Mendeecees mother, Judy, brings up Samantha's own legal situation, which causes pandemonium at the table. Mendeecees calls for order and Samantha voices her opinion that prison isn't the right environment for Mendeecees to see their son in, while Yandy begs to differ.

Samantha decides to get on the same page as the other mothers and says that she'll do everything in her power to make sure that Mendeeces and their son will be able to see each other during his incarceration. Mendeecees proposes a toast and the night ends on a peaceful note, but also marks what will be one of Mendeecees' last appearances on Love & Hip Hop moving forward.

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