This episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York begins with Yandy meeting up with Juju for the first time since spilling the beans about her marriage -- Yandy and Mendeecees are not legally married. She informs Juju about how he took the news of their marriage not being legally binding. Yandy also shares news of the phone call she received from Koko, a friend of Samantha, who appears to be worried about Lil' Mendeecees' well-being. Being that Lil' Mendeecees is one of her main concerns, Yandy says she plans to meet with this mysterious character to get to the truth.

Even though Papoose wasn't too happy with the idea of relinquishing his role as manager, Remy Ma has decided to move forward with a new one. But when Papoose finds out that Remy's new manager is also pregnant, he uses that tidbit to put guilt on Remy for her lack of urgency regarding the two having a baby. Only time will tell whether Papoose will continue to put the pressure on Remy to procreate, or if she'll blow a gasket before that time comes.

After his fight with Peter Gunz, Cisco arranges a meeting with Tara to speak on his beef with his fellow Creep Squad members. However, as Cisco begins to tell his side of the story, Tara quickly sees the fault in Cisco's ways and takes him to task. He becomes infuriated at the suggestion of him apologizing to Peter Gunz and the Creep Squad. But when Cisco is asked whether he's truly willing to break ties with Peter Gunz forever, he finally comes clean and admits that he wants to make things right between them.

DJ Self and Major Galore link up to discuss their plans for establishing her as an artist, as well as the First Lady of the Gwinin Entertainment team. Having proven herself, and with Mariahlynn's defection from the camp, Self gifts Major Galore with a slot on the Powerhouse lineup, a great opportunity for a an artist of her stature. However, Galore makes mention of rumors that Mariahlynn has been speaking ill of her and that the two are not likely to get along or share the spotlight and title of First Lady, putting Self between a rock and a hard place.

Mariahlynn is attempting to clear the air regarding her association with DJ Self and Cisco, and meets with Self to right her wrongs. After her run-in with Cisco, Mariahlynn has decided to proclaim her allegiance to Self, but one roadblock in their relationship is Mariahlynn's disdain for Major Galore, who has positioned herself as the First Lady of Gwinin Entertainment.

Word is that Mariahlynn has been speaking ill of Major Galore and that it will cause an issue between all parties. Mariahlynn denies those charges and said that any comments she may have made about Major Galore were in response to subliminal messages. When Mariahlynn and Major Galore finally meet, the two cannot seem to get on one accord and the two bicker back and forth. DJ Self restores order when he says that he has put together a show, where the two artists will perform, with the winner earning a slot on the big stage at Powerhouse.

Yandy finally meets up with Samantha's mysterious friend, Koko, who says she has reason to worry about the welfare of Lil' Mendeecees. But Yandy is in for a surprise, as Koko reveals that she has recorded conversations of Samantha plotting against Yandy and has plans to spread damaging news about her to the blogs. When asked about her reason for betraying Samantha's confidence, Koko says that she had the wrong idea about Yandy. After finding out about Samantha's shady ways, she decided to come clean to Yandy about her and Samantha's plans.

The launch party for Gorgeous Gangsta has arrived and the night is a big success, with industry heavyweights like Method Man showing up to lend support to Snoop. J. Adrienne, who is in attendance, is in good spirits due to Sofi Green's electrifying performance, but her drunken behavior is causing an issue. Snoop has deemed her behavior unprofessional. When she attempts to check J. Adrienne, things go from bad to worse. J. becomes even more volatile, causing Snoop to have a heart-to-heart with her about her troubling actions before storming out of the party in anger.

After meeting with Tara and admitting that he was willing to reconcile with Peter Gunz, Cisco meets up with his longtime friend to air out their differences. However, things do not go as planned. While Peter explains why he tried to attack Cisco, Cisco takes umbrage with Peter saying that if the situation played out again, he would react the same way. This causes him to turn the tables and attack Peter before the two are separated by security.

But instead of being angry, Peter Gunz responds with compassion as Cisco reveals that his actions have been a result of stress from his mother being terminally ill and that he's felt abandoned by his Creep Squad brethren. This is all a surprise to Peter Gunz, who was unaware of Cisco's mother being sick. Pledging his allegiance and support to Cisco in his time of need, the two share a brotherly embrace, signaling the end of any bad blood between the two Creep Squad members.

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