After a string of tumultuous events took place on last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, this week's episode started off on a heartwarming note. Tommie's mother shows up to her wine-tasting party, which takes Tommie by surprise. K.K. King, who contacted Tommie's mother, thought it would mean a lot to Tommie for her mom to be there. Her mother gives Tommie words of support and tells her how proud she is of her progress and growth, which makes Tommie emotional.

Joseline is amused by Stevie J wanting to get custody of their child, and talks to Melissa and Dawn about her plans to put Stevie on child support. She wants full custody of their daughter too. She's also contemplating leaving Atlanta and moving to Miami to jump-start her music career and get a new lease on life.

Scrappy, who's friends with both Kirk Frost and Rasheeda, links up with Rasheeda to catch up on things. When Rasheeda inquires about his and Bambi’s wedding, Scrappy informs her that the wedding has been called off, but is more interested in discussing the scandal involving her, Kirk and Jasmine. When Scrappy asks if Rasheeda believes Kirk, she says that she's unsure, but admits that the whole scenario has been taking a toll on her and that she’s unsure of what the future holds. A DNA test is also suggested. Rasheeda wants Kirk to take it and Scrappy says that he will attempt to convince him to do so as well.

Yung Joc and Karlie Redd haven't been seeing eye to eye, but Karlie has become friendly with Joc’s baby mother, Sina. The two meet up with her for lunch to discuss Sina's relationship with Rodney and other things. However, Sina also discusses Treasure's comments about Joc hooking up with Tommie, a revelation which angers Karlie initially, but one that she quickly gets over.

Mimi Faust links up with Melissa to inquire about her involvement with Joseline’s music video, which infuriates her and leads her to lash out at Melissa and warn her not to deal with Stevie J's woman. When Mimi mentions that Ariane told her not to trust her, Melissa spills the beans about her own history with Ariane, which shocks Mimi and gives her cause to pause. When Melissa says that Mimi is lucky to have a woman like her, Mimi takes offense and vacates the premises, a sign that the pair’s love affair may not be on solid ground.

Ariane and Mimi discuss her last meeting with Melissa. The truth is revealed when Mimi brings up Melissa’s admission that she had a prior relationship with Ariane. However, Ariane says it’s in the past and she has no issue with Mimi dating Melissa. She continues to throw dirt on Melissa’s name, and says that Mimi should not put her faith in Melissa.

Kirk's life has been in shambles since he and Rasheeda have been living in separate homes. He meets with Scrappy to gain some clarity. Scrappy says that he spoke to Rasheeda on his own to get her thoughts on their separation. Kirk says that Rasheeda’s work schedule and the lack of romance in their marriage played a part in his infidelity and the issue is not all his fault. Scrappy wants Kirk to take the DNA test, but Kirk is hesitant. He maintains that Rodney, Jasmine and Keanna are scam artists and that he’s not the father. Kirk is in no rush to take a DNA test.

Ariane and Melissa’s history as lovers is out in open and the two meet to discuss Mimi finding out about their past. Melissa thinks Ariane is jealous of her and Mimi being together. She already asked Ariane if she would be offend by dating Mimi, but Ariane insists that she isn't jealous. Ariane says she only told Mimi to look out for Melissa because she was looking out for Mimi’s best interest due to Melissa’s affiliation with Joseline. Melissa asks if Ariane and her are on good terms, and when Ariane is hesitant to give the answer she desires, Melissa tells her to have a good life and vacates the premises, signaling the end of their friendship.

Mimi has taken a step back from Melissa in lieu of her conversation with Ariane, but Stevie J reveals news that is a bit more pressing. Stevie announces that he's the father of Joseline's baby. Now he, Mimi and Joseline have to make amends and come together as a family, but Mimi doesn’t want Joseline around her daughter. Mimi feels sorry for Joseline’s daughter and is skeptical of the kind of mother that Joseline will be.

Yung Joc is trying his hand at standup comedy and Scrappy, Tommie and Lovely Mimi are all in attendance in a show of support. On a night that is supposed to be about Joc, trouble arises when Karlie Redd pops up to confront the rapper about his new relationship with Tommie. Joc, who failed to inform Karlie of the comedy show that he was having or the fact he was dating Tommie, is blindsided by Karlie's presence. She begins to inquire about his dealings with Tommie. Sina, Joc’s baby mother, is also curious as to the state of their relationship.

When things begin to get testy between Karlie and Tommie, Lovely Mimi jumps into the mix in defense of her friend, leading security to get involved, sparking new beef that is sure to be cooked down the road during the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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