As a tribute to his younger brother LaMelo Ball, Los Angeles Lakers player Lonzo Ball dropped "Melo Ball 1," his first official single on Friday (Sept. 8). As predicted, reactions from fans and critics have been mixed with some praising the song, while others slammed it.

Named after Zo's younger brother's new signature sneaker, Melo Ball 1, the song is a celebration of the basketball star. On the track, Lonzo boasts about his possessions. "The boy's blessed, yeah heaven-sent/Black Lamb, never paid the rent/Hopping out with the MB kicks/Got them cameras ready and they taking flicks." Once the song dropped, it quickly became a hot topic on Twitter.

One critic on Twitter was surprised the song wasn't terrible. "Disappointed at how Lonzo Ball's rap single is not completely awful," he tweeted.

While another person couldn't get over Lonzo's Nas diss, tweeting, "So Lonzo Ball put out a rap song for his little bro shoes. Ummmm. Can Nas hurry up and ether this fool. Young blood is gonna learn though."

Another critic felt it was time for Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson to have a talk with the NBA rookie about his music career, tweeting, "Lonzo ball got a rap single? 😩😩😩😩 my God magic please have a sit down with this kid #Lakers." And some people just thought the song was a "fucking shlapper."

Thanks to his father LaVar Ball's larger-than-life personality, whatever Lonzo does will get picked apart by many people, but luckily for the Lakers' rookie, he still has plenty of fans on his side.

Check out what else people had to say about ’Zo's song "Melo Ball 1" in the gallery below.

See Reactions to Lonzo Ball's First Official Rap Song

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