Locksmith is coming off the release of his excellent album, Olive Branch. With so many big projects coming out as of late, the Bay Area MC gives fans a reminder of his LP's quality by dropping a music video for the standout cut "Home."

The video finds Locksmith performing the track in a studio with a band and backup singers. The black and visuals add a calmness to the scene that makes the viewer focus on Locksmith's every word.

"I used to stare at the television and dream of a life free of disparity/When I was young, they tried to put me in therapy/My mother got explicit, addressing the school district/Like this boy's got a gift, either you're blind or you don't care to see/It's like we carelessly judge things that are different/If we don't understand them, we stand back in resentment/This man raps with intentions to separate from the flock/But it seems to stir up tension in more cases than not/But it far worse damage to play along for the cameras/If you can't be yourself, you'll eventually have to answer/To the damper of a dark cloud/Instead of chasing opportunities, I just follow what's in my heart now/Embark now on the new path that I'm paving/It's like they want a drink from the same bath that they bathe in/I did my best to try to save him and break the walls before they cave in," Locksmith raps on the opening verse.

Watch Locksmith's "Home" video below. Make sure to cop the "Neck Pillow" MC's new album Olive Branch on iTunes if you have not already.

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