Who said school wasn't cool? Despite dropping out of high school, LL Cool J made an grand entrance at Northeastern University to not only celebrate his daughter's receiving her honors degree, but also his own.

"I've been called a few things but never doctor. That's for sure," said the Grammy award winning rapper. For his achievements in music and acting, the university awarded the legendary rapper a Doctor of Arts degree.

"For them to recognize my body of work and my contributions to the world of art is an amazing feeling," he said.

The father also had the opportunity to bask in his daughter's accolades as well.

"It made me feel proud because I know she put a lot of hard work in and a lot of dedication and a lot of commitment," said the joyous father.

LL isn't the only rapper receiving his doctorate this year. Puff Daddy will be making his way down to Howard University to receive his doctorate in Business tomorrow.

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