Lizzo proves that nothing is more important than keeping yourself physically and metaphorically hydrated in her new video for "Water Me." The Quinn Wilson and Asha Efia-directed video shows the rapper-singing talent embracing herself and the beauty of blackness.

Throughout the clip for "Water Me," we're taken on a journey of how various age groups use water to strengthen, empower and restore themselves. The liquid acts like a symbol that ties the happiness of different people and age groups together. Within the video, we see an infant take a bath, a young man smiling as a sprinkler douses him in cool water, and Lizzo dancing with joy as her voice proudly proclaims over the booming production, "I am free, yeah yeah/Come water me, oh oh/Love you so, but if you don't/I have to leave oh no."

Her celebratory lyrics mixed with the refreshing visuals of men and women rejuvenating themselves and quenching their thirst in the summer heat is a perfect August visual. "Water Me" is a feel-good anthem for troubling times.

The Rick Reed-produced song premiered on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe and is Lizzo's first follow-up song from her EP, Coconut Oil. Last year, Lizzo spoke with XXL for The Break, detailing her new project and her musical style. "I would say my style is good music, I make feel-good music even when I’m not trying to," she said. "It’s a mixture of soul, my gospel roots and it has that hip-hop attitude. It’s me refined, a polished me.”

Watch the video for "Water Me" below.

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