Little Simz made a splash in 2015 with her debut album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons. The British rapper looks to make bigger waves with her follow-up, Stillness in Wonderland.

"I struggled with finding the inspiration for the album for a while and was frustrated with not releasing as much music as I was used to," she said of the LP's creative process. "But the more I traveled, learned more about the world and myself, the beauty, distractions and trappings of the world of entertainment, the more I found parallels to the tale of Alice In Wonderland and then everything fell into place concept wise for me."

Little Simz considers Stillness in Wonderland to be a sequel to the narrative of her debut album. The project gives listeners a look at her growth as both a person and an artist.

"This for me is the project that taught me the most about myself, forcing me spread my wings musically and creatively and allowing me to grow as an artist," she said. "I'm excited for everyone to hear the record and ultimately just happy to be able to deliver new music to my family."

You can purchase Little Simz's new album via this link. The tracklist and free stream are available below.

Little Simz's Stillness in Wonderland Tracklist

1. "LMPD" Feat. Chronixx
2. "Cheshire's Interlude: Welcome To Wonderland"
3. "Doorways + Trust Issues"
4. "Her (Interlude)"
5. "One In Rotation + Wide Awake" Feat. SiR
6. "Shotgun" Feat. Syd
7. "Picture Perfect"
8. "Cheshire's Interlude: Misled"
9. "King Of Hearts" Feat. Chip and Ghetts
10. "Bad To The Bone" Feat. Bibi Bourelly
11. "Zone 3" Feat. Tilla, Josh Arcé and Chuck20
12. "Poison Ivy" Feat. Tilla
13. "Cheshire's Interlude: Stay"
14. "Low Tides"
15. "No More Wonderland"

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