MF Doom is used to moving in silence, so this week must not bother him at all. Though overshadowed by bigger, corporate-backed releases, the metal faced ex-pat has quietly dropped two of his finest verses in some time, sparking hope among some of his fans for a minor renaissance. Following a leak from his long-awaited DOOMSTARKS collaboration with Ghostface, Doom appears today (Sept. 22) alongside his old collaborator Madlib on "Knock Knock." The song will appear on Bad Neighbor, the new LP that pairs Lib with underground favorite Blu and Stones Throw veteran MED. That album is available October 30, the day before Halloween. Check out the star-studded tracklist below:

1. Greetings
2. Serving, feat. Hodgy Beats
3. Peroxide, feat. Dam-Funk, DJ Romes
4. Get Money, feat. Frank Nitt
5. Streets, feat. Oh No, DJ Romes
6. The Stroll, feat. AMG
7. Knock Knock, feat. MF DOOM
8. Mad Neighbor
9. The Strip, feat. Anderson.Paak
10. Finer Things, feat. Likewise, Phonte
11. Burgundy Whip, feat. Jimetta Rose
12. Drive In, feat. Aloe Blacc
13. Belly Full, feat. Black Spade
14. Birds
15. The Buzz, feat. Mayer Hawthorne

Blu and MED spoke with Rolling Stone to talk about how they all met and the album. Read an excerpt below:

How did you two meet? It was on the Emanon tour, right?
MED: Actually, it was a MED tour and Emanon was opening up for me. This is in, like, 2006. Emanon brought along Blu just to season him up, to get him ready for the game.

Blu: It was my first time in Europe. We've been good friends since.

MED: When I heard the [Blu and Exile] Below the Heavens album, when they played it for me while out on tour, I was pretty in awe about it. I was like, this sounds like some honest music. It was good to hear that. We bonded on tour partying and whatnot, having fun.