In a new interview with Si Entertainment, former Terror Squad rapper Cuban Link goes in depth about his relationship with Fat Joe, being blackballed from radio and his memories about Pun. But most interestingly, he explains his recent song "You're Not Hood," where he dissed not only Joe but Rick Ross and DJ Khaled (listen to the song HERE). He also says that Fat Joe has been using ghostwriters for the last 10 years. Check out this excerpt:

Si Ent.: What was the last thing you and Pun spoke about before his passing?
CL: It was a business conversation about Fat Joe being greedy; he didn't want to break bread with Pun. Big Pun was ghostwriting for Fat Joe and told Joe let's write up a contract. Because [on] the first Terror Squad album Fat Joe got [a] $15,000 bonus and kept it to himself, he didn't give Pun any percentage of that. So that's how appreciative Fat Joe is towards his people.

Si Ent.: But why did you diss DJ Khaled and Rick Ross on your song "You're Not Hood?"
CL: There's a lot of personal s**t involved, it was the situation after Pun died where the biz wasn't going good for any of us ‘cause I guess we were depressed. And s**t was just numb then. Fat Joe had a fallin' out with Atlantic at the time. Then one night we were chillin' at the club after we had parted ways and Fat Joe took a swing at me. I got up, rocked his boat backwards then security came and that's pretty much what sparked everything. But he's a f****t because he'll lock a lot people out the game by talking s**t about them, just because he don't like them. And he ain't wrote a rhyme in the past 10 years, he's got nothing but ghostwriters. To me it's about being humble in the game and Fat Joe ain't humble. And I ain't dissin' on Rick Ross just because he's rolling with Fat Joe. Rick Ross got on a track like a year ago and said something' about me! DJ Khaled and me used to be cool, but when Fat Joe and I started beefing he went on Fat Joe's side. But I'm not hating I just want to expose him for who he really is, ‘cause he ain't "so hood." He's rolling with Terror Squad and he thinks he's gangsta, but he's not.

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