Lil Yachty’s lavish birthday gift to Bhad Bhabie has sparked some backlash from fans.

After news broke that Lil Boat gifted Bhabie a $53,000 chain for her 16th birthday, it prompted people on Twitter to speculate that the rapper was trying to “redshirt” her. One person tweeted, "I feel like @lilyachty is just grooming @BhadBhabie so he can pipe when she is 18."

On Wednesday (March 27), Yachty jumped on Twitter to shut down the nasty comments about his innocent gift to Bhabie. “U niggas wild I have a blood baby sister who is 15 and turn 16 in June. U niggas perverts,” he tweeted.

Yachty, who has collaborated with Bhabie on “Gucci Flip Flops” and toured with the rapper, presented the now 16-year-old rhymer with a chain on Tuesday (March 26) that features her rap moniker etched out in diamonds. Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, thanked her friend and collaborator for her sparkling gift on her Instagram account.

"Thank u everyone for making my birthday so great and special thanks to my favorite big brother @lilyachty for the gift🔥🔥🔥I love it. 16 gonna b the biggest year yet," she wrote.

Yachty returned the favor on his Instagram page and wished Bhabie a glorious 16th birthday. "Happy birthday to my baby sister, I love u like u was my own blood," he wrote. "Ofcourse ur not black but if u was I’m sure you’d be apart of my family... although if u were my mom probably would have beaten the nonsense out of you and u wouldn’t be where you are now so successful and all that so maybe it’s best we’re just siblings by spirt. See u in a few kid!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @bhadbhabie."

Take a look at Lil Yachty shutting down rude comments about his lavish gift to Bhad Bhabie below.

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