From modeling to fashion design, to rapping to being a social media phenomenon, Lil Yachty's done a little bit of everything during his time in the spotlight. Now, it looks like the rapper's adding "full-time superhero" to his list. Sort of.

On Monday (Feb. 12) USA Today reported that the Atlanta rapper, who recently delivered a pretty solid freestyle on Hot 97, will be providing the voice of Green Lantern in a forthcoming Teen Titans Go! movie. Joining him in the film, titled Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, will be singer Halsey, who happens to be the girlfriend of G-Eazy. Sounds like it should be a pretty solid cast.

Teen Titans Go! is Cartoon Network's remodeled version of the show's original 2003 incarnation, Teen Titans. Both variations of the series follow the exploits of teen superheroes Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg as they deal with typical teenage spontaneity and the not-so-typical struggle to defeat the bad guys. Teen Titans Go! is more humor-focused, while the original version featured a more serious, action-oriented tone.

Wonder Woman and Green Lantern aren't typically involved in Teen Titans Go! storylines, so it's safe to say Lil Boat will be taking on the adult incarnation of the famed, magical ring-wielding hero.

Check out the trailer for the new Teen Titans Go! movie below. Give a listen to Lil Yachty's Lil Boat 2 when you're done watching that.

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