It isn't uncommon for rappers to be skilled basketball players as well, some, like Damian Lillard and 2 Chainz, becoming masters at both. Lil Yachty on the other hand, may need some help with his hops, the above video posted to Instagram on Tuesday (Nov. 15) showing the rapper coming up short on a two-handed dunk attempt. To Yachty's credit, he has a laugh at the epic fail and escapes without injuring himself or extending any embarrassment.

Hip-hop and sports have a history of not always meshing. 50 Cent caught tons of flack for his errant first pitch at a New York Mets game in 2014. Then there's Mac Miller, who got crossed up something bad this September at a celebrity basketball game. As is usually the case, Yachty gets an A for effort, though from the looks of the failed attempt we wonder how close he was reasonably expecting to get.

Despite coming up short on his dunk, Yachty has been a good sport this year in the face of much criticism. He said recently that there isn't much respect between new and old school rappers, his style of music at times, like his controversial quotes, being misunderstood. “We just see things differently,” he says. “I say certain things, it just shocks people because I’m in this business, but people don’t understand this business has been, for so long, one sided, now things are completely different. Its just not understood. They’re just taking things the wrong way."

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