Just one day or so after teasing a new collab between himself and Lil Pump, Lil Yachty's been spotted in the studio with Chief Keef. Looks like they're cooking something up.

In a newly uploaded video, we see Lil Boat playing some XBox One as he sits in the corner of a dimly lit recording studio. A few moments later, we see Keef sitting in front of a computer monitor as he sifts through the sounds that will presumably make up his unreleased, and quite possibly still in progress, collab with Yachty.

A second video offers shots of the studio, but not of Yachty and Keef. What it does provide, though, is audio of a song they're working on together. In the bit we can hear, Yachty or Keef use a heavy dosage of Auto-Tune on what sounds like a part of the instrumental Keef was cooking up earlier.

There's no word on when we can expect this collab to surface, but we do know Yachty and Keef are looking to put out new projects in the near future. Keef's looking to put out his project, titled The Dedication, but it doesn't have a release date. Meanwhile, Yachty's been teasing his forthcoming Lil Boat sequel, Lil Boat 2.

Speaking of Lil Boat 2, Yachty's recently used his Instagram account to provide yet another glimpse into the project. In a clip that appears to be from a music video, we can hear the 20-year-old spitting over a lowkey trap beat as he attacks his haters. "Flex for them fuckboys, hate 'cause you suck boy," spits Yachty, who just copped his mom a new house. Sounds pretty dope.

Check out a piece of Yachty and Keef's studio session in the two videos below. Peep Lil Boat's latest musical preview beneath that.

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