Lil Xan is calling it quits. The California rapper, who has had a short but event-filled career thus far, recently announced he will be retiring from rap.

Xan made the announcement on his Instagram Story on Friday (Dec. 13). His explanation was brief.

"I quit rapping and I'm only gonna focus on moving forward with the Xanarchy clothing line and brand [too]," he posted.

The announcement that he will be giving up rap comes just a month after the artist claimed he was clean after kicking his Xanax habit cold turkey, which caused him to suffer from seizures.

"You guys remember back when everyone was like, 'Oh, Diego's M.I.A. Where's Diego at' and stuff?" Xan asked during a recent interview with TMZ. "I was in the hospital..because I stopped taking drugs...I went cold turkey 'cause I didn't want to be on drugs no more. But the withdrawals actually gave me seizures, you know what I mean? It was a wake-up call."

The Redlands, Calif. rapper released two projects in 2019, Heartbreak Soldiers Pt. 2 and Fireworks. He was prepping his sophomore album When September Ends, however, it appears that won't be happening anymore if Xan stays true to his word.

Xan has had a tough year, which has included his aforementioned struggle with drug addiction. In June, he was investigated for assault with a deadly weapon after video surfaced of him waving a gun at a man during a gas station confrontation. Back in April, his girlfriend suffered a miscarriage a couple months after the couple excitedly announced the coming of the child on social media.

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