Earlier this month, Lil Xan shared an alarming video of himself keying his own car and revealing his battle with mental illness. Now, the rapper is doing better and reveals how stress and anxiety led to the breakdown.

On Tuesday (May 22), TMZ caught up with Total Xanarchy rapper at the Los Angeles International Airport and asked him about the incident. "We all have mental breakdowns," Xan said. "We all go through mental problems. I just want to let the world know I'm better and I'm back. I feel great. I'm healthy."

The rapper admitted that the stress of being a public figure, mixed with his workload led to the breakdown. "Especially like the workload and how much was on my plate at the time—I just needed to take a break," the "Basically" said. "It was just a mixture of a bunch of things and anxiety—I suffer anxiety."

As for his black Mercedes-Benz G-Class that was left damaged with scratches, Lil Xan says the truck has been fixed. "The car is fixed," he said.

During his original video, Xan called out his management, claiming he is treated like a slave. "I don't get control of shit," he said. "I can't even drive that fucking car. They put it in the basement so I couldn't take it." Later in the video, he added, "This is mental fucking illness. I don't care. Make fun of me. Make fun of me on the internet. I don't give a fuck."

Check out Lil Xan discussing his mental breakdown below.

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