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Lil Wayne may be locked into a legal and verbal battle with Cash Money and Birdman, but that isn't stopping him from enjoying a club appearance or previewing new music, which is precisely what he does in the above clip, taken from a Milwaukee night club Sunday night (June 12).

Posted by Evan Hernandez, a professional skate boarder signed to Wayne's Young Money imprint, the two Instagram videos show Wayne at the DJ booth in Milwaukee's Eight Nightclub letting a new record spin. It's damn near impossible to place the song at the moment, but Hernandez seems to know some of the lyrics, and the fact that Wayne lets it play out, rather than cutting it short, suggests the track is done or near to it.

At one point, Wayne can be heard rapping, "I’m the life guard of the trap / I done seen so many shark attacks / Life is too short for the mat." In the below clip meanwhile, he says "free The Carter 5" in reference to the new album that Birdman is keeping Wayne from releasing.

While Wayne is typically generous to his fans, releasing mixtapes by the handful, whether they be from his Dedication or No Ceilings or Sorry 4 The Wait series, it's difficult to project exactly what kind of wave he'll ride this summer. The last official Wayne release was a Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals anthem, while just last week, the rapper announced he's planning to drop a video game soon. Either way, the signs of new music are promising for Wayne fans, who can check out the preview up above.

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