No more delays for Lil Wayne. The rap superstar was officially sentenced this afternoon (March 8) to one- year behind bars in Manhattan Criminal Court for a second-degree gun possession charge, before immediately starting his bid.

TMZ reports that Weezy will be in protective custody while serving his time in Rikers Island. The New Orleans-bred MC declined to offer any comment after Judge Charles H. Solomon delivered his sentence. While getting handcuffed, Wayne simply nodded to his Cash Money mentors, brothers Bryan "Birdman" and Ronald "Slim" Williams.

In comparison, chaos ensued as Wayne first pulled up to the court building, as photographers fought to snap the rapper’s last moments of freedom until 2011, according to MTV News. The Young Money General is expected to only serve eight out of the 12 months on good behavior.

Wayne was originally arrested in 2007 when a New York police officer caught Wayne with a weapon after boarding his tour bus. Last October he entered a guilty plea in order to receive lesser jail time. —Elan Mancini