Lil' Wayne phoned into DJ Drama's Shade 45 radio show last night to clear up remarks that he made regarding mixtape DJs.

"First off, I didn't mean to disrespect no DJs, no mixtape DJs, whatever kind of DJ you is, with no kind of disrespect," he said. "Especially given the fact that me and Drama, me and Khaled, me and my homeboy Raj Smoove from New Orleans, we all get it in and do the mixtape thing. Given that fact right there, things are blown out of proportion."I meant every single word I said, but I fuck with every DJ I fuck with," he continued. But this Empire nigga, I don't fuck with him. For all DJs, just letting y'all know, that whole shit was meant for that Empire nigga. I don't fuck with [him]. This nigga puts out a CD on me every month. I couldn't [even] tell you what he looks like."

Wayne's initial comments regarding DJs surfaced in an interview with Foundation magazine. In the audio clip posted online, a frustrated Weezy lashed out against mixtape DJs with some harsh words.

"Fuck you if you a mixtape DJ," he said. "I'm doing Lil' Wayne. I'm against [mixtapes], anti-mixtape dude. I don't know no mixtape DJs."

Although his statement was a blanket comment, Wayne told Drama his words were aimed specifically for The Empire, who has raised his DJ profile with a series of Lil' Wayne mixtapes titled Da Drought Is Over. The series has become just as popular as Wayne's collaborative mixtape efforts with Drama (Dedication) and DJ Khaled (Da Drought).

In response to his comments on mixtapes, however, a number of DJs have begun to leak Lil Wayne's album Tha Carter III in protest. Legendary New York DJ Doo Wop created a six-minute montage video that mocks the Cash Money camp thanking DJs for their support.

Lil' Wayne said he has no problem given out his music for free, but noted his displeasure with so many DJs making compilations form the New Orleans star's work, even going as far as having advertisements sold against the projects.

"Even though it sounds hard, it's the easiest way if you try to get a hold of me to get clearance," Wayne explained when Drama's guest David Banner asked the rapper for a resolution.---Jayson Rodriguez