Philthy Rich has just pulled up with a new banger, and he's brought Lil Uzi Vert, Offset and Sauce Walka along for the ride. The new Honorable C.N.O.T.E-produced track is called "Water Leak," and considering it's the first day of June, it's arrived right on time.

The song finds all four rappers spitting about just how iced out they are, with a hook that includes plenty of boasts and ends with the claim their diamonds are "Dripping everywhere" and have "a water leak."

The track sees Offset handle the hook duties, offering up a catchy refrain that meshes perfectly with the hard instrumental. The first person to deliver a verse is none-other-than Lil Uzi Vert, who's had a massively successful first half of 2017.

"That bitch looks at my chain, she said 'boy, that shit so rocky'/Aye, boy I know 'bout you/Your new bitch my old option, yea/Got my shooters with me, only got one hoe 'round me," spits Uzi, who inexplicably missed out on his set at the 2017 Soundset Music Festival a few days ago.

Next up is Philthy Rich, who flexes on record labels trying to get him to sign with them. On the track, he spits, "I need a diamond tester cause he need his diamonds checked/The labels talkin' 'bout they got a million dollar check/The last time I checked a couple million on my neck/So, tell 'em call back I can't sign for nothing less."

Last but not least is Sauce Walka, who tackles the track with plenty of arrogance and an aggression that sort of contrasts nicely with the dismissiveness of the other two verses.

Check out "Water Leak" for yourself below.

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